Public Space Protection Order Consultation District Wide

Dog fouling is a concern to many of our communities in West Lindsey, visually and as a health hazard. West Lindsey District Council is reviewing how it enforces dog fouling, and is now committed to updating the legislation it uses to allow us to tackle this problem. This Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) is intended to allow us to enforce against those who persistently refuse to pick up after their dogs, or who leave bagged dog waste on streets or in trees, to work to clear up our communities.    

Thank you to all those residents who completed the survey on the district wide Proposed Order. 128 responses to the consultation were received from across the District, showing over 90% support for the making of this order. As such the PSPO was made with an effective date of 5th June 2017.

A copy of the final order is available in the downloads section of this page

You can report breaches of this PSPO by using our online form.