Budget Consultation 2021

West Lindsey District Council would welcome your views as part of our budget setting process for 2022/23.

Each year the council must agree a balanced budget. This means that our income must match our expenditure.  Over the past 12 years this has been getting more difficult as government funding has fallen significantly by around 38% whilst our costs and service demands continue to increase. We were already in a challenging position prior to the COVID-19 which has seen additional demand for services and significant reductions in our income streams. Some support has been provided from the government however, this support ceases in June 2022.  

Our financial strategy therefore needs to focus on achieving long term financial sustainability as government funding is withdrawn and our services become wholly funded through council tax and business rates. In achieving this we need to reduce expenditure, increase income and generate new income from investment.  

This consultation therefore provided an opportunity for you to review and comment on the council's approach to meeting the budget and your views on changes in council tax. Thank you for taking the time to read about our proposals in the Budget Consultation Summary and to those who took part in the consultation.

These results are now being analysed and will be reported through our committee process.