Hemswell Cliff Local Development Order and Food Enterprise Zone

Proposals to develop a Food Enterprise Zone (FEZ) at Hemswell Cliff are being advanced by West Lindsey District Council and the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (GLLEP) with the support of Defra.

The government’s aim in introducing Food Enterprise Zones is to attract investment, and to encourage closer ties between food and farming businesses to boost the domestic food and farming sector. The Food Enterprise Zones are based around Local Development Orders (LDOs), with a view to making the planning process simpler and easier for food and farming businesses that want to expand, in line with local priorities.

The purpose of an LDO is to simplify and speed up the planning process by providing certainty about the types of development which are permitted within a specific area, and reducing the potential risks associated with the formal planning process, encouraging development to come forward in that area. 

The LDO development proposals complement the masterplan vision for the regeneration of Hemswell Cliff to drive forward the social, economic and environmental regeneration of the wider settlement.

The objectives of the Hemswell Cliff LDO are to:

  • enhance the scale and socioeconomic impact of the agri-food sector at a local and regional level
  • provide developable plots capable of accommodating a range of building types and sizes, which are attractive to businesses within the agri-food sector
  • provide flexibility by allowing the site to accommodate changing requirements (within defined parameters)
  • support the socioeconomic aims and objectives of the Hemswell Cliff masterplan
  • deliver sustainable development by minimising and mitigating any environmental impacts
  • facilitate development for businesses which provide a substantial number and diverse range of employment opportunities
  • enhance the attractiveness of the site to inward investors by facilitating development of uses which are complementary to the main agri-food businesses
image | Hemswell cliff FEZ aerial photo
An aerial photograph showing the location of the Hemswell Cliff Food Enterprise Zone
An aerial view of the Food Enterprise Zone
text | Hemswell Cliff Local Development Order (LDO) and Food Enterprise Zone (FEZ)

Application Reference No: 135866

Full documents are available to view at Planning/135866

documents | Hemswell Cliff Local Development Order and Food Enterprise Zone