Your views are important to us.

We work to know and understand our customers so we can get things right and make sure services work for you.  It is important to us that we listen and act on what we are told. We want to ensure what we do is led by you.

The work we do in this area is shown below:

  • Running a West Lindsey Citizens’ Panel which is made up of just over 1,000 residents spread across the district.  The Panel takes part in surveys, focus groups and other consultation activities and the council uses the results to improve our services and for policy development
  • Carrying out surveys and focus groups to find out what local residents think of the council and its services
  • Asking questions, in the form of electronic Polls, on the website to gauge interest and general opinion
  • Consultation with residents, voluntary groups, local businesses and other public sector authorities to support service improvement and policy development  
  • Analysis of census data
  • Collating statistical data about the district

West Lindsey Citizens Panel

Designed to be representative of the district and we have residents taking part from all over the district of West Lindsey.

Consultation and Engagement Strategy

This strategy aims to support strong, active and inclusive communities who can influence and shape the district of West Lindsey whilst creating a more transparent and accountable council.

Your feedback

Your comments are important to us so that we can continue to improve the service we provide.

Planned Consultations

During the year West Lindsey District Council undertakes a number of consultations. These vary in length of time depending on the topic and who is to be consulted.