Draft Housing Strategy 2018/22

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This consultation has now closed and the results are being analysed.  As soon as this process has taken place this page will be updated with the final report.

Many thanks to all those that took part.

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The draft housing strategy provides a framework and implementation plan to support the Council’s aspirations for growth whilst addressing a number of housing issues and housing needs within the district which link to the health and wellbeing agendas demonstrating how appropriate sustainable housing impacts on all aspects of our communities and is more complex than the built environment alone.

We are keen to obtain your views about the strategic direction for housing and the content within the West Lindsey draft Housing Strategy 2018 – 2022 and are therefore asking stakeholders for their views on this approach.

The results of the consultation will be used to inform the final strategy which will be taken to the West Lindsey Prosperous Communities Committee in early 2018 where it is intended that the strategy will be formally adopted.

The Vision for the strategy is; "Everyone has access to good quality housing which meets their housing need and aspiration in a pleasing environment which enables a healthy lifestyle."
It has the following key themes;

  • Driving housing growth to meet housing need

  • Improving homes and transforming places

  • A partnership approach to support choice, wellbeing and independence

The aim is to offer more choice to our current and future residents by providing more new homes across a range of tenures, improving existing homes and neighbourhoods which in turn will strengthen communities and contribute to the districts prosperity and wellbeing. It commits to supporting the most vulnerable residents to access and maintain good quality housing which meets need whilst at the same time ensuring that the benefits associated with growth and increased investment are accessed and enjoyed by all of our residents.