Council Tax and council bills

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Flooding and Council Tax

If your home has been affected by flooding you may be entitled to a discount from the council tax.

Money off Council Tax

Details of Council Tax discounts and exemptions, Council Tax support, relief funds and Council Tax banding appeals

Long term empty property charge

New legislation was recently introduced by the government enabling local authorities to increase the amount of this premium from 50% to 100%.

Empty homes review

In support of the government’s initiative to tackle the shortfall in national housing we are currently undertaking a review of empty properties.

Council mortgages

Although we no longer offer new mortgages we are still collecting payments for existing mortgages.

Other council bills

The sundry debtor section is based within the Revenues and Benefits Department and is responsible for the collection of miscellaneous income.

Freeman on the Land

The Freeman on the Land movement and similar groups commonly believe that they are bound only by statute laws they consent to however being a 'freeman' does not exempt any person from paying Council Tax.