Trees in conservation areas

Protected trees are those that either have a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on them, are located in a conservation area, or are specifically detailed to be retained or no work to be carried out without prior consent in conditions attached to a planning consent notice.

All trees that are in a conservation area, with a stem diameter of 7.5cm or more, measured at 1.5m above ground level (or 10cm if thinning to help the growth of other trees) are protected regardless of tree species.

You must give the council 6 weeks notice before carrying out work to trees within a conservation area that are not covered by a TPO. The 6 weeks notice must be made in writing via letter or email or by completing an application form that can be accessed by visiting the Planning Portal website where you can submit your application online or download and print a paper version.

The 6 weeks allows the council to arrange for an officer to make a site visit to see if the work is appropriate and carry out an amenity assessment to consider if the tree should have a TPO placed on it.

If the tree is not to the standard required for a TPO to be placed on it then the council will issue a letter saying we have no objections to the work.

If a TPO is placed on the tree you will have the opportunity to object against the TPO, but to carry out any work to the tree you will have to make a new application under the TPO legislation which must be made on the application form.

A TPO offers specific protection to a tree, or trees, in a conservation area. You can find out more on our Tree Preservation Orders page.

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