Tree Preservation Orders

Protected trees are those that have a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on them, those in conservation areas, or those that have been specifically detailed to be retained or have work restricted in conditions attached to a planning permission.

If you wish to carry out work to a protected tree you will first have to apply to the council for permission. You can access the Planning Portal website to submit your application online or download and print a paper version. There is no charge for a tree application.

A site visit will be made to inspect the tree and check if the proposed work would affect its health or amenity value. You must not do work unless you have received a written consent from the council. Only dead wood can be removed without an application.

Use our mapping system to view the location of protected trees.

A TPO is placed on trees thought to provide considerable amenity value to the community and contribute visually to the street scene or the local character. A TPO is not just to retain a tree but to retain the amenity value that it provides from its presence.

Trees of good amenity value must be considered to be at risk before a TPO can be put on them.

The are 4 types of schedule for a TPO

Individual Trees

These are put on trees that merit protection in their own right. Only that one tree mentioned in the order will be covered.


These are used when the overall impact and quality of a group of trees (at a maximum area of 0.25 hectares) together merit protection.


These are used when the overall impact of a large area of trees (at least 0.25 hectares) have a significant impression on the landscape. A woodland TPO protects all trees regardless of species, size or age, including regenerating seedlings.


This protects all trees within a defined area on a map. It is very general and is usually used as an emergency interim measure before a thorough assessment of all trees can be undertaken.

If you know of a tree which provides considerable amenity value to the local community and you know or suspect it is in danger, you can request a TPO assessment to see if it can be protected. If you would like to request an assessment please email

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