Private Hire Operator Licence

A Private Hire Operator Licence is required by any person who runs a business in West Lindsey which involves accepting or inviting bookings for private hire vehicles.

Once licensed, an Operator can employ and/or sub-contract an unlimited number of licensed vehicles.  A licensed private hire driver cannot accept any bookings unless he either holds an Operator licence or works for a licensed private hire operator. An operator may pass a booking to another licensed private hire operator provided that both are licensed. The contract between a customer and Operator is always deemed to have been made with the initial Operator, regardless of any subsequent passing on of that booking. 

Before an Operator licence is granted the applicant must satisfy the council that they are a fit and proper person to hold a licence and that the address from which they intend to operate is suitable and any necessary planning permissions have been obtained.  When an Operator intends to work from home any requirement for planning consent will take into account the number of vehicles to be operated from the address.

If you are an owner/driver of a private hire vehicle licensed by West Lindsey  you may work for any existing Operator licensed in West Lindsey. However, if you wish to apply for your own licence to operate from premises which will be used as a booking office, you need to obtain planning permission from the council allowing use of the building.

Public Liability Insurance is required where the public have access to the premises i.e. waiting room etc. However, where no public access or waiting facilities are provided or if you wish to operate your own vehicle from home, this insurance is not necessary.

Applications will not be accepted without production of the above.  A licence lasts for 5 years.

Licensing registers are available to view using the link below.

Public Register

To report any problems with licensed drivers, vehicles or operators please provide details of your complaint in writing to the licensing team, using the contact details below. Please include any licence numbers or company names to help us look into your concerns.


West Lindsey District Council
Guildhall, Marshall's Yard
DN21 2NA