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Right To Work Checks

The Immigration Act 2016 introduces immigration safeguards in respect of licensing applications made in England or Wales on or after 6 April 2017. The intention is to prevent illegal working in premises licensed for the sale of alcohol or late night refreshment. Premises licences to sell alcohol or provide late night refreshment cannot be issued to an individual who does not have permission to be in the UK, or is not entitled to undertake work relating to the carrying on of a licensable activity.

Licences issued to those with limited permission to be in the UK will lapse when their permission to be in the UK and work in a licensable activity comes to an end.

The Home Office (Immigration Enforcement)) are now a Responsible Authority and applicants will have to copy relevant premises licence applications to them in the same way that they are obliged to send copies to the other Responsible Authorities.

Licensing authorities are under a duty not to issue licences to individuals who do not have the required immigration permission to work in a licensable activity.

The right to work provisions apply to premises licences for alcohol and late night refreshment, (but not entertainment only licences) and personal licences.

The relevant premises licence application forms have been amended and contain guidance about the documents required to demonstrate the right to remain, and work, in the UK.

Our Licensing Policy and Guidance

The council’s Licensing Policy sets out the criteria which the council will use when considering applications under the Act. The policy is available on this site in PDF format (under ‘Downloads’). All application forms can be downloaded from the Department of Culture’s website.

The council’s ‘Application Guidance’ is available from the Downloads section.

Guidance for large scale events is available at Lincolnshire County Council's website.

Licensing registers are available to view by prior arrangement at the council offices.

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