Riverside Gateway Local Development Order

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Riverside Gateway Local Development Order
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Full documents are available to view via the Riverside Gateway plans link. Hard copies are available upon request at the Guildhall.

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West Lindsey District Council is looking to make the best of its riverside location as part of plans to redevelop the town.

An area of land on Carr Lane has been granted a Local Development Order (LDO) to allow redevelopment for housing and establishment of a riverside linear park. The site is mostly vacant and has been disused for a number of years

The purpose of an LDO is to simplify and speed up the planning process by providing certainty about the type of development permitted, and reducing the potential risks associated with the formal planning process, encouraging development to come forward in that area.

The objectives of the Riverside Gateway LDO are to:

  • deliver up to 245 dwellings (contributing to the Housing Zone objectives) along with a range of ground floor uses, including potential shops, restaurants and cafés, pubs, assembly and leisure facilities
  • provide an attractive riverside walk (linear park), new open space and water features, animating the riverfront
  • maximise the viability of the site, encouraging accelerated redevelopment
  • stimulate a new urban housing market, building upon earlier riverfront developments to the north of the site (north of the Trent Bridge) and assist in the promotion of Gainsborough as a significant and new housing location
  • set out parameter plans and design principles ensuring a distinctive place, based on the site’s historic, urban and riverfront character, is provided with an appropriate density, layout, massing, height, landscape and access

The LDO plans were approved by the Prosperous Communities Committee on 19 July 2016.