RAF Scampton

Previous activity

In 2018 the Ministry of Defence announced the closure of RAF Scampton and the relocation of the Red Arrows to RAF Waddington as part of this closure. The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) were instructed to close the site and facilitate its sale during the first half of 2023.

In April 2022 we formally expressed interest in acquiring the site.

West Lindsey District Council has worked extensively with the DIO, Lincolnshire County Council and Scampton Parish Council (alongside other organisations) to ensure the best possible outcomes for the Scampton site and its future positioning within the wider district and county economy.

A specific RAF Scampton policy was incorporated into the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan (CLLP) review to ensure the significance of the site is recognised, appropriate protection is put in place and to ensure the key challenges (linked to site development) are carefully managed. The Examination in Public was completed during November and December 2022. The final ‘Main Modifications’ consultation stage has now been completed with sign off of the revised Local Plan expected in early April 2023.

All documents can be found on the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan webpages.

On the 9 February 2023, the council's Corporate Policy and Resources Committee unanimously voted in favour of progressing with the site acquisition and partnering with an investor to deliver the RAF Scampton regeneration project.

Current position

RAF Scampton Asylum Accommodation

The Home Office is working on proposals which will see the current site at RAF Scampton used for accommodation for asylum seekers. The Home Office plan to use a phased approach to moving people on site starting with about 200 people and increasing to 2,000 people over time.

West Lindsey District Council is challenging this decision and has been given the go ahead to progress with a full Judicial Review of the decision by the Home Office to use RAF Scampton (date to be confirmed).

However, despite the impending legal process, the Home Office is continuing to press ahead with its plans. Local authorities and partners are being treated as stakeholders in these plans and therefore have opportunities to raise questions and concerns on the proposals.

These are fed back in the following structured way:  

A multi-agency forum was set up in March for local stakeholders including community groups and the East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership to meet weekly with the Home Office as stakeholders. This is to ensure that the Home Office proposals are safe, legal and compliant.

Fortnightly thematic subgroup meetings are also held with the Home Office with stakeholders to discuss certain key issues in more detail.

This is a Home Office Proposal and therefore they are responsible for communicating their plans and dealing with the necessary queries. They regularly update the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Home Office  website. The fact sheet on the proposed accommodation sites can be found on GOV.UK's Asylum accommodation factsheets page.

Statement from a Home Office spokesperson:

"Delivering accommodation on surplus military sites will provide cheaper and more orderly, suitable accommodation for those arriving in small boats whilst helping to reduce the use of hotels. These accommodation sites will house asylum seekers in basic, safe and secure accommodation as they await a decision on their claim.

We understand the concerns of local communities and will work closely with councils and key partners to manage the impact of using these sites, including liaising with local police to make sure appropriate arrangements are in place."

A high court date has now been confirmed for West Lindsey District Council’s judicial review on 31st October and 1st November. We are expecting the Secretary of State for the Home Office to provide detailed grounds of defence next week (week commencing 28 August 2023) . This will inform any other steps that we are able to take between now and the full hearing.


If anyone has any queries please email the Home Office at public.enquiries@homeoffice.gov.uk

How can members of the public express their views?

We know that our communities, partners and stakeholders will be keen to understand more about the regeneration plans. Details of consultation events will be published here in due course.

For enquiries to the council: growth@west-lindsey.gov.uk

For enquiries to Scampton Holdings Limited: meredyth.grant@scampton.org

For more information about the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan visit: Local Plan

For more information about the Dambusters visit: Story of the Dambusters

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