Saxilby footbridge and railings refurbishment



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West Lindsey District Council has commissioned some improvement works to the Saxilby footbridge, which crosses the Fossdyke.  

The steel footbridge, which was gifted to the village by British Rail in 1986 will need to be removed from the location for a few months, whilst it undergoes much-needed refurbishment.  

The bridge will be lifted by crane and taken to a workshop for the work to be carried out by an approved contractor.

The project links to Our Place theme in our Corporate Plan. To create a safer, cleaner district in which to live, work and socialise. Upgrading the appearance of Saxilby footbridge will ensure a high level of quality is maintained throughout the village.

We will update this page with future updates.


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In 1987 environmental improvements to the Fossdyke navigation at Saxilby were undertaken in conjunction with several stakeholders including West Lindsey District Council Development & Leisure Services, West Lindsey District Council Environmental Health & Control, Lincolnshire County Council Highways & Planning, Lincolnshire County Council Recreation Services, British Waterways, Saxilby Parish Council and the Countryside Commission.

These works included providing pedestrian access ramps, railings, foundations and siting of a former iron rail bridge (previously located at Newark and gifted by British Rail to Lincolnshire County Council) over the Fossdyke to link the main Bridge Street pedestrian footpath to new visitor moorings, picnic area and existing tow path on the south bank, British Waterways land.

Remedial works on the bridge were carried out in 2011 and works included replacing the timber decking with new anti slip decking, remedial rust treatment where accessible, scraping off loose paint, repainting works and all third party licence and attendance costs.  

Since that time regular inspections of the footbridge have taken place along with any minor repairs works being undertaken.

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Saxilby footbridge and railings refurbishment frequently asked questions

When will the bridge be removed?

The bridge will be removed from the location on 25 July 2023.

When is it expected to be installed back in the village?

It will return onsite towards the end of the year (exact date to be confirmed).

Disruption and traffic management

We apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused by removing the bridge. However, the work is needed due to the deterioration of the bridge and the work that needs to be carried out. It is the first time in 36 years that the bridge has been moved.

Residents, businesses and visitors to the area are advised there will be traffic diversions will be in place on the day of the move only and access through this diversion will be for access only to properties on Bridge Street for residents and business.

The diversion route from the east

From the east end of Bridge Street. Diversion begins at the junction of the B1241 (Mill Lane) and Bridge Street/Queensway, directing traffic up Mill Road to Church Road (left) and down onto the High Street (left).

The diversion route from the west

From the west end of Bridge Street. Diversion begins at the junction of High Street and Canal Court and diverts traffic up the High Street onto Church Street and then turns right to reach the B1241 (Mill Road).

There will also be a full road closure on a small section of Bridge Street between the Sun Inn Public House and 24 Bridge Street - incorporating properties on Navigation Court

What work will take place?

The refurbishment work includes: shot blasting, rust treatment, steel repairs and bolt replacement, and repainting with a railway grade paint system which will ensure a long life and minimise the length of time between maintenance.

The bridge colour will go from green to black which was a request of the parish council to compliment the wider plans Saxilby Parish Council has for the area.

How long will the repairs last?

It is anticipated that the remedial works will negate any future works for 15 to 20 years.

Who is the approved contractor?

Universal Coatings UK, based in North Nottinghamshire to carry out the work. They have a wide range of experience in bridge refurbishment working for the rail network and for the canal and rivers trust and we are pleased to have secured their services on this project.

What other partners are we working with?

 The other partners we are working with are:

  • John Peberdy Partnership,  
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Emprocom,  
  • Health and Safety Consultants
  • Peter Cole Consultants, Structural Engineers.
  • Saxilby Parish Council