Economic Recovery Plan


The Economic Recovery Plan intends to recognise the contribution of West Lindsey District Council and its partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors who, over the past 18 months due to COVID-19, have joined forces in an exceptional effort to provide vital support to our business community and local economy. 

The Economic Recovery Plan

The Economic Recovery Plan provides a framework that should be considered in the medium and longer term, to fulfil our vision to build a stronger and more sustainable economy in a post COVID-19 environment.

It also informs the West Lindsey Economic Growth Strategy's next iteration (due by 2024/25), in the light of the transformation and challenges brought about by the pandemic, as well as the upcoming opportunities that are reshaping our new economy. Such as climate change, digitalisation and Brexit.

The plan sets out a clear and strategic narrative on how West Lindsey District Council, in partnership with other key stakeholders, can take full advantage of the challenges and opportunities that have transformed the way we live our lives and do business. 

The Economic Recovery Plan is structured into five main sections

  • an overview of the national and local socioeconomic context during the pandemic (during which the council has navigated its recovery work)
  • an outline of the overarching strategic framework that has informed the rationale behind the plan and its linkages with West Lindsey District Council and Greater Lincolnshire Lincolnshire's wider economic plans and policies
  • a snapshot of our assessment of the implications of COVID-19 towards our local economy and the challenges we have going forward
  • an illustration of the main activities undertaken by West Lindsey District Council and our Growth Team to support businesses in response to the pandemic
  • The Economic Recovery Action Plan which sets out the key themes and actions that will help implement and deliver our programme

The plan is an evolving document that will be regularly reviewed. Existing actions will be revised or new projects added where it is recognised that interventions will further stabilise or speed up the journey to recovery.