District and parish council elections 4 May 2023

infobox | Voter ID is required at the 4 May 2023 elections

Voter photo ID is required at elections from May 2023, please visit our Voter ID page to find out more.

text | District and Parish council elections 4 May 2023

On 4 May 2023 West Lindsey District Council will hold district council elections for all 36 seats across its 20 district wards. Alongside the district council elections, West Lindsey will be holding elections for all parish and town council seats in the district area.

Voter ID in polling stations

From May 2023, all voters at a polling station will need to show an accepted form of photographic identification (photo ID) in order to be able to cast their vote. This has been introduced under the Elections Act 2022. Anyone who does not have an accepted form of ID can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate to use at the polling station.

More information on presenting voter ID and Voter Authority Certificates can be found on our Voter ID page.

Key election dates

Table of the key election dates for the District and Parish council elections
Key election deadline Date or period
Nomination period during which prospective candidates can submit nomination papers Monday 13 March to Tuesday 4 April (10am to 4pm)
Register to vote Monday 17 April (at midnight)
Apply to vote by post (this deadline is also for cancellations and amendments of all current postal and proxy votes) Tuesday 18 April (5pm)
Apply to vote by proxy Tuesday 25 April (5pm)
Apply for a Voter Authority Certificate Tuesday 25 April (5pm)
Polling day Thursday 4 May (7am to 10pm)

Standing as a candidate

Important information regarding standing for election, briefing dates and nomination packs will be available here soon.

Poll cards

From May 2023, in order to list the suitable form of photo ID acceptable at a polling station poll cards will look different.

Poll cards will be issued to all registered electors as soon as possible after the Notices of Election have been published in March.

If you have not received a card by 6 April it may mean you are not registered. If you have moved in early 2023 you need to have registered at your new address. Register to vote at GOV.UK, you will be asked for your National Insurance number, but you can still register if you do not have one.

Postal votes

If you usually receive a postal vote, you will receive a postal poll card before the postal vote pack.

Postal votes will be issued as soon as possible after the close of nominations. These are sent by first class post. However if you applied near the deadline these will be posted by the Friday before polling week.

Find out more about postal voting.

Proxy voting

If you have appointed a proxy to vote on your behalf at your allocated polling station, both you and your proxy will be sent a poll card.

Find out more about your proxy voting.

Polling stations

Your poll card will tell you which polling station you need to go to.

We'll publish a list of all the polling stations near to the time of the election.


The following notices will appear here in accordance with the legal timetable:

  • Notice of Election
  • Statement of Persons Nominated (for each district ward, town, parish and parish ward)
  • Notice of Election Agents
  • Notice of Poll (includes polling stations)


Results will appear here when published for all contested and uncontested elections.