Proxy voting

How proxy voting works

Proxy voting is a facility for any registered elector who cannot attend a polling station on election day and instead nominates someone else to vote on their behalf – this person is known as the elector’s proxy.

The proxy would go to your polling station, tell the polling station staff that they are your proxy and show their own Voter ID before they can be issued with a ballot paper on your behalf.

If your circumstances change, you (the elector) can still vote at the polling station provided your proxy has not already done so on your behalf.   

You can apply to vote by proxy for:

  • a particular election (or referendum) on a specified date
  • for a defined period
  • for an indefinite period

Who can be a proxy

A proxy must be at least 18 years old, registered to vote and eligible to vote in the election for which you wish to appoint them.

A person cannot act as a proxy for more than four people of which no more than two can be domestic electors (domestic electors are those who are neither service voters, nor overseas electors).

If you or your proxy are not registered to vote or you have moved home, you will need register to vote at your new address and complete a new proxy vote application if you wish to continue voting by proxy.

How to apply for a proxy vote

When you apply for a postal vote, you will need to provide your name, address, date of birth, national insurance number, and a signature.  This information is used to check you are a registered elector and to confirm your identity.

In some cases, you will also need to provide a reason for the proxy vote application and you may also require a suitable qualified person to support your application.

You can apply for a proxy vote online at GOV.UK if either:

  • you are applying for a particular election or referendum
  • you are applying for a definite or indefinite period, and you are an overseas or service elector

You can also apply by downloading the relevant application form from the Electoral Commission, then complete and return it to:

Electoral Registration
West Lindsey District Council
Marshall's Yard
DN21 2NA

We can accept proxy vote applications via email at but the scanned image or photo of the application form must be sent as an attachment to the email.

If you having difficulty completing the online application or cannot download a paper application, please contact us at or call 01427 676576 and we will be happy to help.

The deadline for receipt of completed proxy applications is no later than 5pm, 6 working days before the election.

Postal proxy voting

If your proxy is not able to attend your normal polling station to vote in person, they can apply to vote by post on your behalf. Once you (the elector) have submitted an application to appoint a proxy, the nominated proxy can then complete an application to vote by postal proxy. This application is available on request by contacting Electoral Registration at or by calling 01427 676576. The postal proxy application is not available online to download.

For a vote by postal proxy to be accepted in time for an election, both the proxy application (completed by the elector) and the postal proxy application (completed by the nominated proxy) would need to be submitted by the postal vote deadline which is 5pm, 11 working days before an election.

If your proxy requests to vote by post on your behalf, neither you (the elector) or your proxy can vote in person at the polling station.

Emergency proxy applications

If the deadline for proxy applications for a particular election (or referendum) has passed, and in certain situations such as you have a medical or work-related emergency or a reason relating to the Voter ID you were planning to use at the polling station, you may be eligible to apply for an emergency proxy.

You will need to complete an emergency proxy application, ensure it is supported by a suitable qualified person in the case of medical or work related emergencies and ensure it reaches the Electoral Registrations Team before 5pm on polling day.

Applications can be emailed to or can be handed in at the offices in Marshalls Yard, Gainsborough by the deadline.

Emergency Proxy applications can be downloaded from the Electoral Commission’s website, collected from polling stations on polling day, or can be emailed to you by contacting us at or calling 01427 676576.