West Lindsey Citizens Panel

The Panel is designed to be representative of the district and we have residents taking part from all over the district of West Lindsey.    

What does the Citizens Panel Do?

Each year, our panel members are asked to take part in a number of consultations. Different types of consultation are undertaken such as surveys or focus groups although each individual member of the panel can choose which consultations they wish to take part in. Members can also specify when joining how they wish to be contacted.

Previous surveys have looked at residents priorities in this area, and their views on how the council might explore efficiencies and potential income streams to fund key services. Copies of the feedback reports can be found under the previous consultation page. At times during the year a newsletter is sent to all panel members to feedback on progress made and the last newsletter can be found on the downloads tab.

Can I join the Citizens Panel?

Yes. Anyone can join the West Lindsey Citizen Panel as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a resident of West Lindsey
  • You are 16 years of age or over

Every one to two years the West Lindsey Citizens panel is refreshed by up to a third, to make sure that it remains representative of the local population and to give as many members of the community as possible the opportunity to take part. The breakdown of the current panel can be viewed on the downloads tab.

To join the panel please click on this Citizens Panel membership form link.

If you have any queries about joining please contact the Corporate Governance Officer at engagement@west-lindsey.gov.uk