Think Local

Your community, your economy

Spread the message far and wide and Think Local every time you shop or use a service not just now, but in the future to support our communities and help our economy grow.

Businesses in your communities need your help more than ever and by changing just one shopping habit can help support the local economy, create jobs and boost local communities.

How can you help?


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Photograph of a man with his arms folded and smiling, in front of a fruit and veg stall at Gainsborough Market.

Switch to local:

  • use your local butchers and veg shops instead of the supermarket
  • shop at your local markets
  • eat out in independently own restaurants instead of fast food or chain restaurants
  • support your local hardware store rather than national chains
  • visit local craft markets – many traders make candles, shop, jewellery and furniture which make ideal gifts that are one of a kind
  • using local crafts people to repair or refurbish items you would have otherwise thrown away
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Photograph of a woman in a local grocers, paying for her shopping at the till.

Benefits of shopping local:

  • a stronger economy – more jobs for local people, improved shop fronts and town centres
  • a closer community – reconnect with the people that live and work around you
  • a cleaner environment – walk, use public transport or take a shorter journey to your local shops
  • better health – walking or cycling to your local shop is better for your health
  • a great place to live – more local businesses make a place more interesting to live
  • a more sustainable way to live – less food miles travelled plus you are supporting local farmers and producers
  • one of a kind – independent shops often stock items which are made locally and can’t be found anywhere else
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Photograph of a two women sat at a table having a discussion. One woman is holding a clipboard and pen, the other a cup and saucer.

Help us spread the message!

  • encourage your family and friends to Think Local
  • boast about your local finds online and share them on social media

Are you a business in West Lindsey?

  • businesses can support each other by recommending one another to their customers – if you can use them as a supplier that’s even better
  • can you collaborate with another business to create a new product
  • send us your good news stories or get in touch to see how we can help promote you – email
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Think Local Directory

Our directory of local businesses can be filtered via type of business or browsed via our interactive map.