Grounds maintenance

We are responsible for grounds maintenance on all council owned land. This includes grass cutting, shrub/rose/flower bed maintenance, hedge works and tree works. The service is provided by an external contractor.

The areas covered are listed below:

  • Old Area Office grounds, Caistor
  • Footpath, Hersey Rd/Saxon Way, Caistor
  • Bridge Street car park, Gainsborough
  • Danes Road amenity area, Gainsborough
  • Heapham Road recycling centre, Gainsborough
  • Highfield Close/Corringham Road Footpath, Gainsborough
  • Holmes Walk, Gainsborough
  • Marlow Road Footpath, Gainsborough
  • Queensfield football field, Gainsborough (redundant)
  • Sandsfield Lane playing field, Gainsborough
  • St Georges kick about area, Park Springs, Gainsborough
  • Churchyard, Glentworth
  • Churchyard, Keelby
  • Churchyard, Kirkby
  • Churchyard, Legsby
  • Cemetery Legsby Road, Market Rasen
  • Churchyard Market Rasen
  • Festival Hall car park, Market Rasen
  • John Street car park rear entrance, Market Rasen
  • Churchyard, Middle Rasen
  • Churchyard, Morton
  • Churchyard and Cemetery, Nettleham
  • Churchyard, Nettleton
  • Churchyard, Normanby by Spital
  • Churchyard, North Kelsey
  • Churchyard, Northorpe
  • Churchyard and Cemetery, Reepham
  • Churchyard, Saxilby
  • Churchyard, Scotter
  • Cemetery and Churchyard, Springthorpe
  • Village green, Springthorpe
  • Churchyard, Torksey
  • Whitton Gardens, Gainsborough
  • Guildhall Grounds, Gainsborough
  • Parish Church Grounds
  • Leisure Centre, Gainsborough
  • Town clock Heaton Street, Gainsborough
  • Ashcroft Road Park, Gainsborough
  • Riverside, Gainsborough
  • Green space off Heapham Road industrial estate, Gainsborough
  • Little Church Lane, Gainsborough
  • North Street car Park, Gainsborough
  • Sandsfield Lane North, Gainsborough
  • Middlefield Lane strip, Gainsborough
  • Market Arcade, Gainsborough
  • Hickman Street Car Park, Gainsborough
  • Roseway garden, Gainsborough
  • Cleveland Street garden, Gainsborough
  • Trinity Arts centre, Gainsborough
  • Curtis Walk, Gainsborough

We are not responsible for grass cutting on:


If any area is missed or the work is considered to be of a poor standard, please let us know by ringing 01427 676620.