Household Support Fund Grant

On Monday 20 February, the government announced that Lincolnshire would be awarded a further £10,929,370 of the Household Support Fund, which covers the period from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

Having reviewed the guidance provided by the government on how this funding can be used, Lincolnshire County Council has worked in partnership with district councils to identify and agree the most appropriate methods for it to be distributed.

The government has asked local authorities to prioritise supporting households with energy costs, food, essentials linked to energy and water, and wider essentials using this fund.

Approximately 43% of the funding will be delegated to schools and early years providers to support children eligible for benefit-related free school meals, early years pupil premium and families with a 2-year-old eligible for early years entitlement.

Approximately 44% will be directed through Lincolnshire's district councils to provide financial support to housing benefit only claimants not in receipt of other support provided via the national Cost of Living scheme administered by the Department for Work and Pensions. These households will be contacted direct and there is no requirement for an application to be made for this funding.

1% of the grant funding will be used to provide financial support to eligible care leavers in supported living accommodation.

The remaining grant funding will be directed towards other vulnerable households via local schemes, with approximately 11% of the local grant made available to district councils on a proportionate basis. District councils and other third sector and voluntary organisations will work to provide an application based process to ensure this funding is distributed through local channels in line with the grant conditions.

West Lindsey Household Support Fund Application Process

West Lindsey District Council are pleased to be working with Lincolnshire Community Foundation to provide vital funds across the district. Grants of up to £300 will be given to individuals and families, who have not received any cost of living support across the district. This funding originates from UK government.

We recognise there are many households across the area who are finding themselves in financial hardship or just about managing, but do not qualify for any other benefit or income support. Support will be given predominantly in the form of vouchers for food or energy (no cash grants are given).

Katie Littlewood, Lincolnshire Community Foundation, Grants Manager for this fund says:

"The Foundation has been invited to continue working with West Lindsey District Council to support people who haven’t been entitled to government’s cost of living payments. We understand what a difficult time this is for many and will do what we can to help."

Councillor Trevor Young, Leader of West Lindsey District Council says:

"West Lindsey is pleased to be working with the Lincolnshire Community Foundation to support the delivery of the Housing Support Fund applications."

Applications for funding can be made at Lincolnshire Community Foundation's website.

We appreciate that not all households will be eligible for support via this grant. However, the government have put a number of arrangements in place, and this is just one.

You can find out about alternative schemes and money saving advice by visiting our Cost of Living Support pages.