Partner agents, architects and house builders

All our partners have entered into the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Partnership Scheme. Through this arrangement, we provide the plan checking service for approval of applications for work being carried out anywhere in England. The local authority Building Control team in your area will provide the site inspections for your project.

Agents, architects and house builders interested in knowing more about this Partnership Scheme should email or can register at LABC Partnership Scheme.

Companies registered with West Lindsey in the scheme

Partner nameTelephone numberWebsite
Bradshaw Building Services01652 655368 
Build Design Ltd01507 522277Build Design Ltd
Dave Bickley Building Design Services01427 629189Dave Bickley Building Design Services
Flynn Architecture01673 818929 
Gelder Group01427 788837 
Gusto Construction01636 894900Gusto Construction
J K Planning and Design Service01302 830436 
Kate Kelly Architects01472 851732 
Obam Stairlifts Limited01427 787532 
Taylor Lindsey Homes01522 512200Taylor Lindsey Homes
UKSD01522 303849 

Benefits of this scheme include:

  • Helping to simplify and speed up the building process generating substantial savings in time and money
  • A dedicated professional building control surveyor from the preferred local authority becomes part of the design team to offer advice on all projects no matter where they are in the country
  • The design team approach ensures that any issues can be resolved early in the design process and will eliminate the need for expensive corrections later in the construction phase
  • The single point of contact provided through this scheme results in a consistent approach to plan appraisal
  • Any local conditions, site-specific information and necessary consultations are investigated on behalf of the client
  • Site inspections will be carried out by your Local Authority Building Control Office benefiting from local knowledge and contacts
  • In summary, the client benefits from a single point of contact, consistent approach, improved pre-application service and still benefits from local knowledge, excellent liaison with other services such as Fire, Police and Environmental Health

The council do not recommend nor endorse any individuals, organisations or businesses for any specialism. These partners are registered with West Lindsey through the LABC Partnership Scheme and work closely with our Building Control Service. The council do not hold a preferred contractors or suppliers list either.

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