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If you have a project that is at a stage where a site inspection would be required then please contact the Building Control team via phone (01427 676672) or email (
Dangerous structure reports will be dealt with appropriately dependent on risk.

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Our Building Control team delivers an efficient, cost effective service including pre-application advice, plan checking service and site inspections.

We can provide you and your builder with support and guidance and by using us you will benefit from:

  • free pre-submission advice
  • flexibility with same day inspections, undertaking the statutory and relevant inspections to suit the needs of your project
  • competitive fees and discounts for repetitive construction (as we don't publish our fees online, you may find if you search for fees you will see old versions of fees that have been approved by committee — please contact us for the current competitive quotation).
  • our extensive knowledge of local conditions and historical records
  • our in depth guidance from project inception to completion resulting in safe, compliant building
  • our Building Control brochure [pdf / 1.95MB]

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) have recently launched their brand new website for homeowners: Front Door. This is an excellent resource for answering all of your Building Control related queries.

You can view additional information and guidance using the governments planning portal.

For a quote, or pre application advice please email

You can request site inspections through your phone.

You can request a copy of a Completion Certificate or Approval Notice online.

Notice of Building Control Fee changes (April 2021) [pdf / 268 KB]

If you think a building or structure to be an immediate danger, please contact us using our emergency contact details, or you can report a dangerous structure online.

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Partner agents, architects and house builders

All our partners have entered into the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Partnership Scheme. Through this arrangement, we provide the plan checking service for approval of applications for work being carried out anywhere in England.

Competent persons scheme

Competent person schemes (CPS) were introduced by the Government to allow registered individuals and enterprises to self-certify that their work complies with the Building Regulations.

Dangerous structures and demolitions

Buildings may become gradually dangerous due to age, deterioration or settlement or by more dramatic causes such as storm, explosion, fire or impact by vehicles. All buildings which appear to be dangerous should be reported us.