Building Control customer service standards

General Principles

We will:

  • provide a bespoke fee for our application and work with you to ensure we invoice at appropriate points for your project(s)
  • collect feedback from the applicant at the end of the project so we can make improvement to our services
  • provide direct access to our services via a direct line 01427 676672
  • provide same day site inspections if booked prior to 9:30am
  • offer LABC partnerships scheme (PAS) for a consistent approach to your plan checks
  • complete your building regulations application form on your behalf over the phone, taking payment, ensuring a speedy and easy service at all times
  • ensure your plans are checked or approved within 5 weeks or 2 months
  • adhere to the National Building Controls Standards. Full details can be found at's Building control performance standards page

In addition, the Building Control Team work closely within the council’s adopted 7-Point Customer Service Standards framework.

  • Standard 1: Listen, understand and respond to our customers’ needs
  • Standard 2: Work with partners to support our customers
  • Standard 3: Help customers to help themselves
  • Standard 4: Provide services to our customers which they can rely on and trust
  • Standard 5: Seek and use feedback opportunities to learn, grow and develop
  • Standard 6: Communicate clearly and simply
  • Standard 7: Treat customers fairly and respectfully