Gainsborough Pub Watch

Pub Watch is a scheme that helps to create a safe and enjoyable night time economy. Licensed premises are members of the scheme who prevent and detect crime through partnership working, shared communication and local intelligence. This includes preventing and detecting public order, criminal damage, antisocial behaviour, drug use and alcohol related incidents.

You can view a full list of members on the Gainsborough Pub Watch Member List. Any bans issued to individuals apply to all members on this list.

Benefits of Membership

Membership is open to licensed premises in Gainsborough and the surrounding area. We have two levels of membership:

Standard Membership - Free

  • Online incident reporting
  • Pub Watch window stickers
  • Invited to Pub Watch meetings
  • Premises included on Pub Watch bans
  • Regular updates on people issued a Pub Watch ban

Enhanced Membership - £50 per year

  • All Standard Membership benefits, plus
  • 2-way digital radio for direct communication with CCTV and other members
  • Access to crime prevention and safeguarding training

Digital Radio Communication

Enhanced Members includes a secure digital 2-way radio. The radio is a key tool to help protect your premises, stock, staff and customers. Using the radio you can communicate in real time with other members, our CCTV Control Centre and the Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Features of having a digital 2-way radio include:

  • Emergency Panic Button
  • Secure digital network with clear voice quality
  • Full maintenance of radio included in membership
  • Radio can form part of your lone worker arrangements

Each radio is supplied with 1 earpiece. Additional earpieces are sold separately for individual radio users.

Pub Watch Member Meetings

At each meeting members will be able to:

  • Receive direct updates from Police, CCTV and partners
  • Share and receive intelligence from other members
  • Receive printed Pub Watch ban list with photos

Pub Watch Ban List

We issue Pub Watch ban notices to people that have committed crimes such as public disorder and drugs offences. A ban notice is issued to the individual by the Police. CCTV monitor for people on the ban list and will use the digital radios to provide advanced warning to members and work to prevent incidents of crime.

How to join

To join the Pub Watch Scheme please complete our online Pub Watch Registration form

If you have any queries about the scheme, please email us:

Information for someone that has received a Pub Watch Ban

If you have been issued a Pub Watch ban from this scheme, your ban notice contains full details of what this ban means. This includes the date it was issues, how long it lasts and the end date.

You can appeal against a Pub Watch ban at any time. Your appeal will go to a Pub Watch member meeting where they will review the information you provide. If the ban is not removed after appeal, you will not be eligible to appeal again for a minimum of 6 months.

To request another copy of your ban or appeal against a ban, do so in writing at the address below:


Post: Gainsborough Shop Watch, c/o West Lindsey District Council, Marshall's Yard, Gainsborough. DN21 2NA