Commercial bins and sacks

A variety of bin sizes can be supplied to our customers and bin rental is included as part of the monthly cost. It is the responsibility of the customer to safely store the bin(s) for the duration of the contract.

image | Commercial bins
Two commercial waste bins with a waste collection lorry
text | Commercial bins and sacks

We offer four different sizes of bin for commercial customers (for both waste and recycling). Please note that separate bins for paper and cardboard are not available in the 360 litre size. The bin sizes are as follows:

Trade bin sizes
Bin size Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm)
240 litre 580 740 1100
360 litre 665 880 1100
660 litre 1250 720 1310
1100 litre 1250 980 1370

Trade Refuse Sacks

Trade waste sacks for general waste are available to businesses who don’t have space for bins or who produce very little waste. These are sold in a minimum quantity of 10. Please contact Customer Services on 01427 676676 if you wish to order these.

Please see our fees and charges for details.