Complain about a premises licensing issue

We are only able to deal with complaints and enforcement issues in relation to the licenses, permits or registrations we issue.

To make a complaint about a licensed or unlicensed premises please contact us using the details below.

It could be that you wish to complain about a premises providing licensable activities, for example:

  • If you have visited a venue providing licensable activities and you are concerned that some aspect of the operation is not being properly managed.
  • If the noise from a licensed premises is troubling you. (please also report to Environmental Protection so they can investigate if there is a statutory noise nuisance)
  • If you are having recurring problems with customers from licensed premises who are causing trouble or disturbances (please report to Lincolnshire Police first if there is a crime being committed).

You may also wish to complain about a premises that is not licensed but is providing licensing activities, for example:

  • If you believe that a premises operating licensing activities may not hold a licence to provide those activities.


West Lindsey District Council
Guildhall, Marshall's Yard
DN21 2NA