Behind the Business: Meet Andrew, Sarah and Steve

Photograph of two men and a woman having a conversation at the front of an office meeting room.
Andrew, Sarah and Steve at the studio at Systematic

Andrew, Sarah and Steve are graphic and digital designers at Systematic based in Caistor. They offer design, print, mailing and marketing services support to businesses across the UK to help them achieve their business goals.

The team have a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set which allows them to work on a range of projects from print-based graphic design through to digital design. They are able to take clients’ ideas and concepts and turn them in to compelling visual communication. Their work also spans branding, editorial, marketing campaigns, through to explainer and corporate 2D animations.

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Photograph of two leaflets on a desk. The leaflets read: "Unlock your full potential. We run a series of workshops to help guide business owners and directors through their full business life-cycle.". Logos for Hopkins Solicitors, Stopford Associates and Hampshire Hill are on the front of the leaflets.
These leaflets for Hopkins Solicitors are an example of Systematic's work.

“The diversity of the projects we get to work on is a massive plus and getting to meet our clients is always a highlight. We love the super-creative projects like branding, taking the seed of an idea, developing it, and seeing it come alive and being out in the world, and being part of that journey for our clients.”

Being part of a team allows them to let their creative juices flow, and their different personalities bring different ideas to projects resulting in a more original outcome. Creative work benefits from collaboration and that’s why you’ll often see Andrew, Sarah and Steve develop and deliver projects as a group with each individual playing to their strengths. 

When they’re not in the office, they all love spending time outdoors. Sarah is currently training for the London Landmarks Half Marathon, which is in the Spring. Andrew is off hillwalking in the Lake District as often as he can, and Steve enjoys woodland walks with his family. When they need a break from the fast-paced world of graphic design they can usually be found in front of the TV – Steve is an authority on the Marvel universe, Andrew is a fan of the American Office, and there’s literally nothing Sarah doesn’t know about Friends!

All good ideas start with great conversations and the team at Systematic look forward to meeting you to discuss your next project! Send them an email or pick up the phone. You’d also be made very welcome to visit Systematic HQ in Caistor!

For more information about Systematic visit their website.

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