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Choose health and nature for your daily exercise routine!

Litter picking equipment

West Lindsey residents are being encouraged to take advantage of their daily exercise during the current lockdown, by strengthening their overall health – with the activity of litter picking.

Getting outdoors and feeling the fresh air is incredibly valuable for maintaining and strengthening physical and mental health – and residents can currently go outdoors and exercise within their households, their support bubbles or with one person from another household.

Litter picking is an activity that is easy to do and benefits residents’ health individually – as well as benefiting entire communities and the natural world.

West Lindsey District Council (WLDC) also has a limited supply of free litter picking packs available to those who are interested – which include the following:

  • Community litter picker
  • Handi Hoop
  • High visibility vest
  • Disposable gloves
  • Refuse sacks.
  • Guidance notes

It is currently against the law for residents to leave their homes for all but essential reasons and we strongly advise that those interested in litter picking only take part with those in their household or support bubbles; residents are advised also to stay local within their own communities. Packs for two people or more are also available but new restrictions must be followed and adhered to if applying for more than a one-person pack. Further notes and guidelines can be found within the litter packs themselves.

Cllr Stephen Bunney said: “This scheme has been a popular initiative at West Lindsey District Council for many years; as with most things at the moment, we have to adapt the way we do things, but we resolutely believe that this presents an excellent way to strengthen communities and strengthen residents’ mental and physical health.

“On top of this, I can’t help but think what a wonderful opportunity this would be to emerge from lockdown into a district of tidy, clean communities. During the last lockdown, we all stopped and appreciated nature more than ever, and we can do so again by consciously choosing to combine our daily exercise with protecting our communities and the natural world.”

Though this litter picking initiative officially began in 2019, WLDC has been supporting community litter picking since 2011, with available grant money being used in 2018 to expand the support further. Please note that the litter-picking packs are available on a first-come, first-served basis as there is only a limited supply available.

Equipment can be kept by those wishing to take on litter picking regularly, or the equipment can be loaned if residents wish only to try the activity a handful of times.

Anyone interested is asked to fill in an enquiry form on the WLDC website, for more detail see our voluntary litter picking page.

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