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Last updated: 27 September 2021.

Scheme closed for new applications.

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Voluntary Litter Picking Kits

West Lindsey District Council are delighted to be able to provide litter picking kits free of charge to individuals, pairs and groups who wish to take part in regular voluntary picks. A limited number of the following sets are available: 

Individual Pack (1 Person):

1 Community litter picker, 1 Handi Hoop, 1 high visibility vest, 1 pair disposable gloves, refuse sacks.

Pair Pack (2 People):

2 community litter pickers, 2 Handi Hoops, 2 high visibility vests, 2 pairs disposable gloves, refuse sacks.

Group Pack (3-6 People):

6 community litter pickers, 3 Handi Hoops, 6 high visibility vests, 1 sharps box, 6 pairs disposable gloves, refuse sacks, 1 First Aid Kit.  Please advise how many people you are requesting for when completing the form.

Voluntary Litter Picking Events

For more occasional litter picking events, we can provide the equipment you may need. Equipment which is available includes:

  • Litter picking sticks
  • High visibility vests
  • Disposable gloves
  • Refuse sacks

The equipment will be delivered to a designated address before your community litter pick and will be collected from there afterwards. Also, our mechanical road sweeper can be requested to help support your event, if available on that day. If you are interested in organising such an event, please contact customer services using the general enquiries form.

Litter Picking Collection

If possible, we request that you add your collected litter to your domestic waste. If this is not possible, please complete the collection request form. Any waste collected by your volunteers will be removed from your designated location as soon as possible after the event.

Litter Picking Safety

Please utilise the Guidance Notes available in the Downloads section and delivered in your packs to ensure you remain safe whilst collecting litter.