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Council urges residents to take small but vital steps to tackle climate change this year

Dog walker and dog on the Viking Way near Caistor

As widely reported over recent times, climate change and the effects climate change is having on our planet remains one of the greatest threats to our collective futures.

The need to reduce rising temperatures to 1.5 degrees by 2050 has been highlighted as the only solution to avoid our planet suffering irreparable damage.

In June last year, West Lindsey Councillors approved a Sustainability, Climate Change and Environment Strategy outlining just how, as a council, we intent to lower out carbon footprint to net-zero by 2050 at the latest, whilst also leading the way for our communities to do the same.

2022 is the first full year since the approval of the Climate strategy.

Over the next ten years (by 2032) – the Council hopes to see the following:

  • That there is a better quality environment which has made people healthier
  • People are more aware of how important the environment is to our prosperity and where there are more ‘low carbon’ and environmental jobs
  • We are more self-sufficient and use energy and our land resources better
  • We are an important agricultural area that feeds the nation in the most carbon efficient environmentally friendly way possible
  • The landscape and built and historic environment retains its unique character and has been protected and enhanced so that it benefits all – visitors, businesses and residents
  • Areas of high nature conservation quality have been preserved and the loss of plant and animal species has been reversed
  • We are firmly on track to becoming a ‘low carbon’ district and are more adaptive to climate change
  • People have become ‘greener’ in the way they live their lives
  • Local businesses are seen to have the most environmentally friendly land use practices and are leaders in green technologies
  • The environment lies at the heart of other strategies and plans for the district and the county and where we have worked together better to implement them

Chair of the Environmental, Sustainability and Climate Working Group, Cllr Tracey Coulson, has now chaired her first working group meeting of the year, and has a determined outlook for the year ahead.

She said: “2022 is our first full-year opportunity since the approval of our Sustainability, Climate Change and Environment Strategy, to make clear steps as a council, and as a District, towards playing our part in helping the nation, and therefore the world reduce its rising temperatures to 1.5 degrees. In many years and decades to come, the future residents of West Lindsey will be looking back and asking the clear and appropriate question – “What did our ancestors do?

“We want to answer them as confidently as possible – by saying and demonstrating we played our part. We want to show future generations that our council transformed the way for instance, we provided services and working environments, and as a District, as communities, as residents, we all changed our habits, one step at a time, allowing us to live lifestyles that our environment and our homes were much more thankful for.

“Over the next weeks and months, we are going to be leading the way as a council, by communicating what changes we are making to our services – and have already made – to create a more sustainable environment. Along the way – we are going to be encouraging and challenging as many in our communities as possible to let us know what small habitual changes you have already made to your lifestyles or, what changes are you excited to make in and throughout 2022?”

Habitual change doesn’t have to be anything overwhelming or life-changing, it can simply be one small action which can have a big impact. Changing just one small habit in your life however, could be the momentum which encourages the changes of many more – this is called a Keystone Habit.

What could you do in West Lindsey to tackle Climate Change in 2022:

  • Walk or cycle to work at least a few times a week.
  • Join the Queen’s Green Canopy and help plant trees in honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.
  • Try a “staycation” – enjoy one of Lincolnshire’s hidden treasures. Did you know – dotted around the county are a number of landmarks, heritage sites, family attractions and even an area of outstanding Natural Beauty. Find out more on Visit Lincolnshire
  • Shop Local – Join in with our Business of the Week competitions by finding and supporting your favourite local businesses in West Lindsey! To find out what your local High Street looks like in 2022, use this live and interactive guide
  • Re-use – and then recycle – Take your reusable cups to local coffee chains and make use of re-usable water bottles, reuse carrier bags over and over again where possible – the more you have an item you can reuse over and over again, the better!
  • Carefully check what can or can’t be recycled locally. To learn more see our recycling and reducing waste pages
  • Create a wildlife friendly garden – for more, visit the RSPB

Measure your own carbon footprint now by taking this quiz on the WWF website. Feel free to tag us on social media on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts using #WLClimateAction to let us know how you did in the quiz.

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