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Is West Lindsey still made up of 89,250 people; including 213 Jedi Knights?

Census 2021

Residents in West Lindsey will be asked to take part in a piece of history this March, with households up and down the District being asked to complete the once-in-a-decade census, to determine exactly what and who makes up our streets.

The census – a national survey looking at who we are and how we live as a nation – has been completed in this country every decade since 1801, with the exception of 1941 – when Britain was at the very heart of the Second World War.

As well as providing an important document for future generations, the national census helps determine how modern society is functioning – and therefore where local resources are best placed, such as new bus routes, doctor’s surgeries or more housing.

As a result of the 2011 census - the last census to take place - we found out that West Lindsey was made up of, amongst many other things:

  • 89,250 people – 3,824 of which were students
  • 1,067 nurses
  • 775 farmers
  • 216 gardeners
  • 5,866 people that worked from home – even back in 2011!

We also learnt that:

  • Other than the UK, Germany was the top country of birth
  • Polish was the most popular language spoken other than English and Welsh
  • There were 57 households containing eight or more people within the District
  • 213 of our residents identified as being Jedi Knights

Director of Corporate Services at West Lindsey District Council, Alan Robinson said: “The national census represents an opportunity to take part in a piece of history; it allows us to follow in the footsteps of our Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents, going right the way back to 1801. By carrying on this once-in-a-decade tradition, not only are we playing our part for future generations to look back on and see who we were – and remember, as we are the generation who lived through a global pandemic, we will be looked back on – we also have an opportunity to see what our District is made of.

“By understanding who we are, we can make better decisions as a society on where to place resources and services. Do we need more schools in the District? Less schools, but more doctors’ surgeries? More bus routes? Support groups? Sports facilities? Technology jobs? Apprenticeships? By understanding who we are, we can work to bring more of what we need to our District.”

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has recently appointed census engagement managers to support residents and help make Census 2021 a success.

Rob Parker, one of the area’s three census engagement managers, will help organisations, charities, faith groups and community leaders within the country raise awareness of the census and the value to residents in taking part.

Rob Parker added: “For the very first time, the census will be run primarily online, making it as easy as possible to complete while we are all staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course, we appreciate that not everyone will be able to complete the survey online – so we do have paper questionnaires too. We will have more details on all of this closer to the time.

“For this census, there will be an additional question on veterans of the UK Armed Forces, and there will be voluntary questions included too – including for those aged 16 or over, on topics such as gender identity and sexual orientation.

“As a District and as a nation, we will be looked at on in particular detail for living through a global pandemic which has restricted us to our homes for nearly a year – and so to provide a snapshot of who we are for future generations will be extremely welcomed by our children, our Grandchildren, and our Great-Great Grandchildren. I really hope you enjoy what is a very special occasion!”

The census will be held on 21 March 2021. While results will be available the following year, all personal records will be locked away for 100 years and kept safe for future generations.

For more information, visit the Census website

To reach your local census engagement manager, contact:

Rob Parker, 07452 947324, 

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