Have a safe and responsible Halloween – and discover here why Trinity Arts Centre may be haunted!

Date Published: 28 October 2020
Don't forget your face covering

Halloween this year is going to be different. Due to the current climate, we all have to make sure we celebrate the spooky season in a responsible and safe manner.

As West Lindsey is in Tier one of the National Government’s pandemic response tiers, we all have a part to play in protecting each other right now, which means new, innovative and responsible ways to embrace Halloween are needed.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Owen Bierley, explains further: “Unfortunately, Halloween is going to feel a little different this year, as we must continue to act safely and responsibly in the current climate. As our area is in Tier one, we must always be conscious that we cannot mix, inside or outside, with any more than six people, outside of our own households or support bubbles. We must always be aware of keeping our distance from those outside of our household, and remember to wash our hands and cover our face when needed and appropriate.

“Halloween is a popular and community celebration in West Lindsey, with events and celebrations often taking place over the days leading up-to and including the 31st. Things will be different this year, but we can still enjoy ourselves safely and responsibly, and I am excited to hear and discover all the innovative and unique ways residents have continued to embrace the spooky season, while protecting each other at the same time!”

As part of finding new, safe ways to enjoy Halloween this year, there are many different activities available on the WLDC and Lincolnshire Resilience Forum social media pages, including colouring activities, games such as Halloween Bingo, and posters for those wishing to celebrate Halloween within their households. Keep an eye out for our social media pages this week, as they will contain lots of unique Halloween suggestions, changing on a daily basis. 

However you celebrate a safe and responsible Halloween this year, don’t forget to let us know on our social media pages, as Chairman of the Council Steve England explains:

“As Chairman, I attend lots of exciting and rewarding ceremonies and events throughout the West Lindsey area, and so I am as eager as everybody else to be able to be back around happy, excited faces again. However, that isn’t to say we can’t make the most of Halloween 2020 – let’s just do it differently. Enjoy yourselves in your homes, within your households, or outdoors while staying safe and responsible – and let us know what you get up to. How did you celebrate Halloween this year? Do you have any spooky tales you wish to share, that you experienced in the West Lindsey area over the years? Let us know!”

Finally, however you decide to celebrate Halloween this year, don’t forget to be safe, responsible and to protect each other.

Halloween ghost story – Is Trinity Arts Centre haunted?

Lisa Weller, Box Office and Administration Manager, said: “We’ve had numerous ghost hunts here at Trinity Arts Centre, and they’ve never disappointed.  Things usually happen which leave us all either unable to explain what we have just seen, or heading for the exits! 

“In the past, we have had tables lifting off the floor, orbs appearing on the cameras and many reports of music playing or lights being switched on after the rooms have been checked and locked.

“I have worked here since 1997 and even now after all these years sometimes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, especially when being backstage. We even have CCTV footage that looks like a ghostly image of a woman caught walking through walls!”

What do you think? Is Trinity Arts Centre haunted? Let us know!

View the CCTV footage on our YouTube channel - https://youtu.be/cAs11ypTTLU

*Please be advised that the CCTV footage contains bright, flickering lights.*

Happy Halloween!

*Trinity Arts Centre plans to re-open in December this year – for more information and for tickets, visit their website here - https://www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/trinity-arts-centre/