The Rod Stewart Songbook

Friday 1 November 2019, 7.30pm

The Rod Stewart Songbook

Pete McCall is The Rod Stewart Songbook performing at all different venues across the UK. 

The consummate professional whose vocal ability and attention to detail shine through in every way, from the opening number through to the last Rod Stewart song of the set. Pete naturally sounds like Rod and his voice is without doubt the closest to the great man’s that there is. 

Entertainment is guaranteed and a quality night of audience participation is assured. No detail has been overlooked, even the white mic stand comes from the people who supply to Rod. 

Put your trust in this, a truly extraordinary professional Rod Stewart tribute act with exquisite vocals and all the right moves. You are guaranteed a night they you will never forget. Pete McCall delivers the very best. 

Even the great Rod Stewart himself would be proud of the tribute paid to him by Pete McCall.

Tickets: £18, £16