Nature Reserves

Enjoy the peace and tranquillity our local nature reserves offer. Many are managed by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust who work to protect wildlife and wild places, as well as educating, influencing and empowering people.

Immerse yourself in a woodland walk or enjoy endless view of fine summer wildflower. What are you waiting for?

Ashing Lane Nature Reserve

Made up of areas of woodland, including Coop Wood and Monks Wood, as well as meadows of different ages. The site was created by volunteers on what was once agricultural land.

Bardney Limewoods National Nature Reserve

Britain's largest concentration of woodland dominated by small-leaved lime. There are nine separate woodlands and all of these sites have been high forest or managed as coppice since the 11th century.

Barlings Natures Reserve

A mixture of open grassland and woodland planted by volunteers. Walking at an easy pace you can explore the site in around 30 minutes.

Linwood Warren

Linwood Warren is a heathland with rich and varied flora and fauna. 21 species of butterfly and well over 200 moths have been recorded, as well as over 70 species of birds.

Nettleton Nature Reserve

Previously a landfill site, Nettleton Nature Reserve is now a haven for wildlife. Following a circular path, visitors can wander amidst the soundtrack of various birds that soar overhead.

Snakeholme Pit Nature Reserve

Large hedgerows with mature ash and oak trees surround partst of the site. There is a good show of cowslips in the spring and the fine summer wildflower display includes Greater Burnet-saxifrage, Betony and the unusual Adder's-tongue fern.

Watts Wood

Carefully planned and planted over 20 years benefitting from a range of species of trees, wildflowers, and a pond that attracts a variety of wildlife.