Corporate Policy Privacy Notice

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Updated: 13 February 2023

Reviewed: 13 February 2023

The reasons we use your data

  • to procure a contract
  • to manage petitions
  • to process customer feedback
  • to manage civic recognition and rewards
  • to process complaints against councillors
  • to process declarations of interest
  • to manage a councillor's directory
  • to administer an Independent Remuneration Panel
  • to administer committees and working groups
  • to manage honours and awards
  • to record political office staff
  • to process councillor requests
  • to maintain a Staff Interests and Disclosures Register
  • to keep and maintain records of allowances and expenses paid to councillors including the publication of these records
  • to maintain a record of Members to Outside Bodies
  • to retain accountability statements
  • to manage the book of condolences
  • to process incoming post and email enquiries

Who we can share your data with

  • councillors
  • independent investigator
  • interested parties
  • internal departments
  • legal services
  • media

When computers make any decisions about you

Not applicable

When your data gets sent to other countries

Not applicable