Help with neighbourhood planning

How to create a neighbourhood plan

There are three main steps to creating a Neighbourhood Plan. At each step, West Lindsey District Council can strongly support your parish and/or town council with its plan, for example, in the following ways: 

Step 1: Getting set up and deciding on the neighbourhood area 

  • having an introductory meeting to discuss your aims and outline the process for you
  • showing you how to apply to start a neighbourhood plan
  • consulting on and approving your application
  • advising you on the funding process and different pots available

Step 2: Community consultation and evidence

  • providing evidence needed to write your plan / participating in your survey work
  • informing you of other support available such as from Locality: Neighbourhood planning
  • guiding you on the legal requirements / assisting you on engaging with your community and who to consult
  • attending your meetings and consultation events / providing  training to help you with your plan

Step 3: Submitting your plan

  • health checking your plan at all key stages / consulting on your final submission plan
  • organising and funding your plan’s independent examination and referendum
  • arranging for your plan to be made  

For support please email or call 01427 676676 and ask to speak to the Senior Neighbourhood Planning Policy Officer. 

Further information and guidance is available in the Downloads section. There is also an Application to Designate Neighbourhood Plan Area which you can complete to prepare a neighbourhood plan .