Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan – Adopted (Made)

Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan was formally adopted by West Lindsey District Council at a Full Council Committee meeting on the 3 March 2016. It forms part of the development plan for its area. Under planning law, planning application decisions should be made in accordance with the development plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise. The development plan should be given full weight and be the first point of reference/guidance for anyone making a determination on a planning application.

Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan (Made) Stages
Stage Date
Neighbourhood Area Designated 08 January 2013
Draft Plan Published 31 January 2015
Final Plan Published 17 July 2015
Examiner's Report Approved 30 September 2015
Referendum 28 January 2016
Adoption 03 March 2016

Neighbourhood Plan – Review

Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan Review has reached the referendum stage. The examination of the plan review was carried out by an independent examiner in early 2024. Subject to a series of recommended modifications set out in their report the examiner concluded that the examination of the Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan Review had been successful, and the plan should proceed to referendum.

Nettleham Parish Council and West Lindsey District Council have agreed that the examiner’s recommended modifications be accepted and included in the Neighbourhood Plan Review for it to proceed to a public referendum. The referendum is to be held in the parish of Nettleham at a date to be confirmed. 

National planning guidance advises that where a Decision Statement has been made detailing the intention to send a neighbourhood plan to referendum, such as for the Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan Review, that plan can be given significant weight in planning decision-making, so far as the plan is material to the application.

In advance of the referendum, this page and our By-elections and Referendums page will be updated to include more information and documents in relation to the referendum.

Please note that the final referendum version of the plan will be made available shortly.
It will comprise the Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan Review Submission Plan [pdf / 11 MB] amended by the examiner's recommended modifications set out in their report, Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan Review – Examiner's Final Report [pdf / 413 KB].

Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan (Review) Stages
Stage Date
Draft Plan Review Published 21 April 2023
Final Plan Review Published 27 October 2023
Examiner's Report Approved 3 May 2024
Referendum To be held, at a date to be confirmed


Neighbourhood Plan – Adopted (Made)

Neighbourhood Plan – Review