Pre-application advice

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Please note: From 1 April 2022 the Pre-application advice fees will have increased.

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We welcome and encourage discussions with homeowners or developers before they submit a planning application. This service gives you the opportunity to fully explore your proposal with us and find out what information you need to support your planning application.

Benefits of this service

Any possible issues that may affect you getting planning permission are identified and discussed before you submit the full planning application. This is likely to save you time and money because you only have to pay for one set of plans. Please read our pre-application advice guidance documents to see the full benefits of the service and instructions to help you apply.

To make sure that we are running our services effectively and can continually improve customer service, we have to charge for pre-application advice. These charges enable us to provide this useful service and are in addition to the fees that you will need to pay when you submit the actual planning application later on.

Charging for pre-application advice covers some of the costs that the council pays to run the service, which means that only people that need advice pay for the service - not the council tax payer. The current fees are available in the downloads section below.

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Our pre-application advice will include:

  • a team approach where we work with you to help develop a successful outcome
  • review of planning history of the site including any constraints we know about
  • identification of relevant planning policies and any potential planning obligations that may arise
  • identify any supporting information that you will need to include with your application
  • a written response offering, without prejudice, the views of your planning officer

There is a fee payable for pre-application advice which covers some of the costs that we pay to run the service. The charge is in addition to the fees you pay when you submit the actual planning application.

Free general planning advice and information can also be obtained from the Planning Portal.

However you obtain your pre-application advice, please bear in mind that advice has a shelf life.  Circumstances do change and advice cannot be guaranteed to be valid indefinitely.  You should always check that your advice is up to date before you make your full application to build.

If you are not sure what service you need please contact our Planning Team by emailing


You need to be aware that any advice given is based on a planning officer’s professional judgement and does not represent a formal response or decision. Any views expressed are given without prejudice, and there can be no guarantee as to how the council will determine any formal planning application.

Building Regulations

You may also need Building Regulations Approval prior to commencing your development. Please contact Building Control for more information.

How Planning use your data

If you want to know more about how West Lindsey District Council Planning use your data, what your rights are and how to contact us if you have any concerns, please read our Planning Privacy Notice.