Local Land Charges register

A Local Land Charge is a charge that is enforceable against any subsequent owner of the property or land affected.

An originating authority may request the section to make an entry in the Local Land Charge Register, examples of Originating authorities are English Heritage, Water Authorities, Highways Agency, and other Local Authorities.

The charge may have restrictions on the use of the property or land which may affect the usage and enjoyment of the property or land.  An example of a restrictive charge is a Tree Preservation Order.

The Local Land Charges Register is made up of 12 parts however the majority of charges for this council are in parts 3, 4 and 10.

The examples of type of charges contained in part 3 are: Conditional Planning Decisions, Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Areas and Section 106 Agreements.

Part 4 contains Smoke Control Orders, Erection of Buildings Over Sewers and Section 33 Agreements.

Part 10 exclusively contains Listed Buildings.

Part 11 is unique in that it contains ‘Light Obstruction Notices’ registered on the application of a private individual and is in no way concerned with public administration as is the case with all other local land charges.

Local Land Charges register parts
Part number Part name
01 Generic financial charges
02 Specific financial charges
03a Planning charges (entries now invalid)
03b Other planning charges
04 Miscellaneous charges
05 Fenland way maintenance (Act now repealed)
06a Land compensation charges Section 8(4)
06b Land compensation charges Section 52(8)
07 New town charges
08 Civil aviation charges
09 Opencast coal charges
10 Listed Building charges
11 Light obstruction notices
12 Drainage scheme charges