Local Land Charges Fees

This page contains a list of our Local Land Charges search types, parts and their prices, with effect from 1 April 2023. We do not charge a different price for a search on a commercial property or residential property. VAT applies to CON29 searches, but not LLC1 searches.

If a search needs to be cancelled, we charge a £7.00 cancellation fee.

In addition to the following fees, clients may ask their own questions at a charge of £42.50 per question. If these additional questions exceed £300 in fees, these would need to be fixed by agreement.

LLC1 (including issue of official certificate of search)

LLC1 fees
Search type Fee
In the whole of the register £24.94
In any one part of the register £8.31
Each additional parcel of land, where under Rule 11(3) more than one parcel is included in the same requisition (whether the requisition is for a search in the whole or in any part of the register), subject to a maximum of 16 £2.00


CON29R fees
Search type Fee
One parcel of land £99.80
Several parcels of land (both the first parcel and again for each additional parcel) £22.00
Lincolnshire County Council fee £63.00


CON29O fees
Search type Fee
When submitted with an LLC1 or a CON29R search (for each printed enquiry) £28.00
Administration fee when submitted on its own £18.00
Each printed enquiry fee when submitted on its own £28.00

Access to Raw Data Held by Local Authority

Access to raw data fees
Raw data being requested Fee
Inspection under the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) Free
Personal search of the Local Land Charges register Free
Access to information not held on public registers compiled by the Local Land Charges officers with written report sent by email £26.45

Please note that we do not provide information held and maintained by external agencies under EIR. We are also unable to provide direct access to our records. You must submit an address and location plan and the Local Land Charges team will search the records and make any information available for inspection within 20 working days.

Example fees

Some examples of types of searches and what their fees would be.
Type of search Fee
Standard search (An LLC1 and CON29R) £187.74
Standard CON29R search £162.80
An LLC1, CON29R and one CON29O enquiry £215.74
An LLC1 official certificate of search with one additional parcel £24.94
Access to Local Authority information £26.45
Personal searches Free
Access to data under Environmental Impact Regulations Free