Black bin guide and information

We operate a triple bin waste collection system and the black refuse bins will be collected every other week. Some properties within the district remain on a weekly sack collection service. This is usually because of access or storage problems.

The black refuse bin is for non-recyclable waste.

There are certain types of waste which we cannot collect:

  • Side waste of general waste (bags left next to your bin)
  • Garden waste or soil contained in your black bin, or in refuse sacks
  • Empty overloaded wheeled bins
  • Construction waste (for example: rubble) from your black bin
  • Plasterboard
  • Hazardous waste; e.g. batteries
  • Electrical items
  • Liquid wastes (inc. tins of paint)

Your bin must be at your property boundary by 7am on your collection day. Residents must ensure that their bins are brought back to their usual storage location by the end of the collection day, as it may obstruct the highway or pavement.

Please see our Waste Services leaflet for more information.

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The standard size black refuse bin is 180 litres, although larger families (4 or more in the household) may be entitled to a larger 240 litre bin, provided they are maximising their recycling. We will also consider issuing a larger bin for households who generate extra waste due to a medical condition.