Refuse collection - side waste policy

Refuse collection - side waste policy

We would like to remind householders not to put extra bags of refuse out next to their black bin, or to overload their bin to the extent that the lid is not flat.

In future, this waste will not be taken and bins with open lids will not be emptied (In some cases, the excess waste may be put back into the bin after it has been emptied).

Side waste is not permitted for four main reasons;   

  1. It is not being recycled, and is going straight to landfill. Landfill is environmentally and financially the most expensive option, giving rise to greenhouse gases, potential water resource problems and is subject to rapidly increasing Landfill Tax.
  2. It means our vehicles are running both heavier and more frequently to the landfill sites in the District: paid for by Your Council Tax!
  3. The actual amount of your council tax devoted to weekly refuse and recycling collection is actually very small as a proportion of the overall charge. It covers only the emptying of the bins contents, and not any extras.
  4. Bin lids being in any sort of upward position mean that they are not safe to empty, because of a precarious load as the bin goes up on the lifters - endangering our staff and anybody else nearby during refuse collection work.

Please avoid side waste by:   

  • Minimising waste by specifying goods with less packaging.
  • Re-using certain items, such as glass jars, bottles and biscuit tins.
  • Home composting
  • Recycling cans, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, juice cartons and glass via our fortnightly blue bin kerbside recycling scheme.
  • Using a Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Recycling, whilst not perfect by any means, is by far the more sustainable option compared to landfill.  We know waste cannot be altogether avoided: we are realists! It is a by-product of modern life and we all help to produce it, whatever our pure intentions!  There will always be a certain amount of residue that, because it is unrecyclable, will need to be buried or burned.

If you feel that the size of your bin is not adequate for your family’s needs, you may be eligible for a larger bin.  The standard size black refuse bin is 180 litres, although larger families (4 or more in the household) can apply for the larger 240 litre bin, providing they are recycling all they can.  Please be aware that a charge now applies for replacement bins. See our fees and charges page for details.

We can also consider a larger bin for households who generate extra waste due to medical conditions.  Should you wish to apply for this service, please contact our Customer Services Team on

Here you can find details of Household Waste Recycling Centres.

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