Waste Services - fees and charges - from 1 April 2019 inclusive of VAT

Trade waste sacks£27.50 per 10 sacks or stickers. Delivery of sacks £12.50 (quantity of 50 or more). Postage and packing of £2.05 per 5 sacks
Trade recycling sacks£17.50 per 10 sacks or stickers - postage and packing of £2.05 per 5 sacks
Other waste clearance work (exceeding normal bulky collections)Minimum charge of £97.50 – a waste supervisor will need to provide a full quotation
Garden waste sacks/ stickers/ additional blue sack£8.55 per 5 plastic sacks or stickers. Postage and packing of £2.05 per 5 sacks. Postage for stickers 60p for up to 20 stickers
Garden waste bin collection service£35.00 - annual charge for all bins - delivery charge of £15.00 when subscribing for the service if bin is not already at the property
EPA 1990 Section 46 Fixed Penalty Notice£100 charge, or if paid within 7 days then £60.00 applies.
CompostersAvailable through the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership discounted prices start at £18.50 plus £5.99 delivery charge. Tel 0844 571 4444 to order one or visit www.lincscc.getcomposting.com
Collections of fridges and freezers£31.00
Collection of fridges and freezers from commercial premisesMinimum charge of £86.00 for domestic sized appliances (for larger commercial sized appliances we will need to quote exact price)
Bulky household waste (Special Collections)£31.00 (for articles worth up to 6 points) Each point after charged at £4.00 per point. There are no concessions for those in receipt of benefits.
Black (refuse) Blue (recycling) wheeled binsSupply and delivery of wheeled bin £33.00 (one-off charge)