Recycling faqs

What can I recycle?

Please search our A-Z of waste disposal for up to date information about what can be recycled in West Lindsey

Is there anywhere I can take old books for recycling?

Yes. Residents are now able to recycle paper and hard-back books at local sites. More information and locations can be found on our recycling sites page.

Do I have to rinse out my tins, bottles and jars?

Yes please. The recycling materials which we collect are sent for onward sorting, and are not washed during this process. If the containers still have any food in them, this will contaminate other recyclables.

Can I recycle my old aerosols?

Yes, aerosols such as deodorant, hair spray and furniture polish can all be placed in your blue bin for recycling.
Please make sure that aerosol cans are empty. If not, contents could explode upon compaction in the lorry, risking injury to our collectors.

Where can I recycle my used energy saving light bulbs and what happens to them?

Your old energy efficient light bulbs and fluorescent tubes should be disposed of at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre and they will then be recycled.

Those who sell items such as energy efficient bulbs must provide information to the public about where they can take waste bulbs and other Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Some retailers will also take them back in store.

However, most retailers have funded Designated Collection Facilities, in the main at your local  Household Waste Recycling Centre. From this point, producers of the equipment fund the transport, treatment and recycling, where most of the mercury can be recovered.