Garden waste faqs

Garden waste faqs

Can I put my garden waste in bags in my green bin?

No, please put all materials in the green bin loose or your bin will not get emptied.

Can I put soil or rubble in the green bin?

No, these materials interfere with the composting process.

Can I have more than one green bin?

Yes, you can have as many garden waste bins as you like.  However an annual charge for each bin now applies.

Can I have a smaller green bin?

Unfortunately we only supply one size of green bin which is 240 litre capacity.

Can I put diseased plants in the green bin?

No, it is vital that the garden waste intended for composting is kept disease free.

Can I put newspapers at the bottom of my green bin?

No, newspapers interfere with the composting process.

Are there any weeds which I can’t put in my green bin?

Yes, Japanese Knotweed should not be placed in your green bin. This is a highly invasive weed which can cause structural damage to buildings and waterways can become choked. The Environment Agency recommend that it should be destroyed by burning it.

Why can’t I put vegetable peelings in my green bin?

Due to Animal By Product Regulations, we are unable to accept anything other than garden waste in your green bin. This is because all the garden waste we collect is sent to windrow composting sites (open air sites) and any waste from your kitchen may be contaminated with meat products which means that there is the possibility that this could result in the spread of diseases such as BSE.

What if I want to compost my garden and kitchen waste at home?

Through Lincolnshire County Council, we are offering subsidised composters to residents of West Lindsey. If you buy one composter you can buy another one for half price.

For more information or to order a bin please telephone 0844 571 4444 or order your composter on-line here.