Why we need to change the way we deal with garden waste

Why we need to change the way we deal with garden waste

Government cuts mean that we can no longer fund a free collection service.

Since 2009, the council has offered a garden waste collection service to around 40,000 of the 42,350 homes now in West Lindsey. It now it costs us over £770,000 a year to provide this service.

Continued reductions in Government funding means we have less money to spend. This means we must make decisions about the services that we provide to customers. Because garden waste collection is not statutory (doesn't have to be provided by law) and is not regularly used by every household, we will need to introduce a small charge for the service for it to continue. This then means the customers that use the service would fund the costs. We think that is fairer than having all residents pay for the service through their Council Tax.

An annual charge of £35 has been introduced, to cover the cost of this service, based on the current 18 collections a year.

What we are not trying to do is make a profit from garden waste collections. The charge in future years will reflect the costs and could even reduce, depending upon the number of people who sign up to the service. Authorities across the country charge similar amounts a year for the kerbside collection of garden waste. These authorities have told us that they have not seen a noticeable increase in fly-tipping as a result of introducing a charge for the service.

We will always continue to encourage customers to recycle as much as possible. We hope that most residents will either pay for the service, take their garden waste to their nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre or begin home composting or do a combination of these.

For more information about the consultation that took place, including analysis and the Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) please use the link below.

Garden waste consultation