Request a change of house name

An owner can change the name of a registered property by sending us a request with this online form. Any name chosen should not be similar to any other in the immediate locality and advice will be given on this.

We will consult the LLPG and the Post Office to check if your preferred name is acceptable and we will also notify any necessary statutory consultees. It can take up to 21 days for schemes to be approved by the Post Office. A charge is made for this service which is currently £70.00 including VAT.

We will check whether the name alteration is affecting a Listed Building. If the building is listed, the Conservation Officer is informed so that the relevant listing material can be updated.

House names alone are not favoured as a number readily identifies the location of a property in a road. The only exception to this, particularly in rural areas, is where a street numbering sequence does not exist. When this occurs, we will accept the use of a building name to identify the property.

Street numbers and building names should always be prominently displayed where they can be easily read from the public highway. This allows the emergency services to locate a property easily.

You can also use the online request change of house name.

Street Naming and Numbering and LLPG

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