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West Lindsey Local Plan 2006

West Lindsey Local Plan 2006

The West Lindsey Local Plan (First Review) 2006 sets out the basis for development in the District between 2006 and 2016. 

Important information on the extension of Local Plan saved policies

The West Lindsey Local Plan (First Review) was adopted on 19th June 2006 and ‘saved’ under the regulations until 18th June 2009 pending the preparation of a replacement Local Plan.

The West Lindsey Local Plan will eventually be replaced by the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan. Existing Local Plan policies met relevant legislation when they came into force in 2006 and were then ‘saved’ for three years. However, it is taking longer than this to create the new Central Lincolnshire Local Plan. There is therefore the need to re-save the parts of the Local Plan that are still relevant and that have not yet been replaced or overtaken by more up to date national or regional policy.

As the relevant new Local Plan is not yet adopted, West Lindsey District Council made a request to the Secretary of State to extend the life of some of the Local Plan policies beyond 18th June until they are replaced.

Schedule of Saved Policies

This lists the policies that the Secretary of State has decided are to remain saved - this can be viewed in the downloads section.

Schedule of Policies Not Saved

This lists those policies that ceased to exist on 19th June 2009 - this can also be viewed in the downloads section.

Interactive West Lindsey Local Plan (First Review) 2006

The interactive West Lindsey Local Plan can still be viewed for information purposes however it now has NO LEGAL STATUS as a development plan document and must only be used in conjunction with the statement below regarding the remaining saved policies.

The Local Plan Proposals Map and the Supplementary Planning Guidance listed in Appendix 8 to the Local Plan are also retained as they relate to Saved Policies.

If you have any questions relating to the West Lindsey Local Plan 2006 please email the Planning team on planning.customercare@west-lindsey.gov.uk.

Information on the progress of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan is available at www.central-lincs.org.uk

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Was this information helpful?