Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

The Department for Communities and Local Government Planning Policy Statement 25 (PPS25) entitled “Development and Flood Risk” outlines how flood risk issues should be addressed in regional planning guidance and Local Authorities’ development plans.

West Lindsey Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (Final Report) July 2009

West Lindsey District Council first produced an outline of the project in partnership with the Environment Agency. Two key objectives of the project were to;

  • classify all land within the District of West Lindsey into four categories of actual flood risk (matching the four flood risk zones defined in PPS 25), and;
  • produce an assessment of the actual flood risk for a number of key study areas:- Bardney, Gainsborough, Market Rasen and Saxilby.

The Assessment has now been completed and is available to inform the development of planning policy in the area and forms part of the evidence base for new Development Plan Documents. The Assessment can now also inform applications for planning permissions and related decisions by enabling the Council to apply the Sequential Test and, where relevant, the Exceptions Test throughout the District.

The document can be viewed in the downloads section on this page. Please note that the document is split into ten parts, the main body of text being Part 1, followed by maps, photographs and additional reports (parts 2 to 10).  The original document contains a number of high resolution detailed maps. For web-viewing the size and detail of the maps has been reduced but they may still take a few minutes to download.  Maps can be seen in their original size (mostly A1) at our main office in Gainsborough, or we can supply them electronically (in Adobe PDF format only) on CD.

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