Brownfield Register

The Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017 introduced a requirement for each local planning authority in England to prepare, maintain and publish a register of previously developed land within their area that is considered appropriate for housing-led development, known as a ‘brownfield land register’. The 2017 Regulations set out in detail the steps that local planning authorities are required to follow when preparing and publishing brownfield land registers.

The register will be published in a standardised format as prescribed by the Government, that will be kept up-to-date, and made publicly available, to help provide certainty for developers and communities and encourage investment in local areas. The registers will then be used to monitor the Government's commitment to the delivery of brownfield sites.

For a site to be included on the Brownfield Land Register it must:

The register is comprised of brownfield sites which have been assessed as available, suitable and achievable. This can consist of:   

  • Sites that have been granted planning permission and are either under construction or not started
  • Sites submitted as part of the HELAA call for sites
  • Site which have been allocated in the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan (CLLP) or any adopted Neighbourhood Plans
  • Sites within West Lindsey District Council's ownership
We will publish our statutory brownfield register annually, at the end of each calendar year to coincide with other development monitoring updates.

The register is available in the following formats to download. This data is provided under the Open Government Licence.

Brownfield Registers
TitleFile type / sizeYear
Brownfield Register 11-12-2020pdf / 8.87 MB2020
Brownfield Register 11-12-2020xls / 14.87 KB2020

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